ZRH - Additional Training "Luftfracht Kompakt Kurs" in autumn 2023!

ZRH - Additional Training "Luftfracht Kompakt Kurs" in autumn 2023!

The Air Cargo Compact Course ("Luftfracht Kompakt Kurs") in spring this year is already fully booked, which makes us very happy. However, due to high demand, a second course will be held in fall this year. Flyer 2023 Luftfracht Kompakt Kurs - autumn



IG Air Cargo Switzerland offers the 3rd annual seminar edition starting in April and followed by an additional course in September 2023 again at Zurich Airport. The specialized Air Cargo trainings are offered through the partner association SPEDLOGSWISS. The training will consist of one full and 2 half days. It's conducted in German.

The course is aimed at all interested parties, such as shippers, importers or logistics service providers, whose daily tasks are in the air cargo sector. 

For further information and registration for the 2nd training session this year  - please follow the link below 

Info & Anmeldung: Luftfracht Kompakt @ SPEDLOGSWISS