Training Luftfracht Kompakt 3rd Edition - 2023

The "Luftfracht Kompakt 2022" training course was again a great success ! - Flyer 2023 Luftfracht Kompakt Kurs

IG Air Cargo Switzerland offers a 3rd seminar edition starting in April 2023 again at Zurich Airport. The specialized Air Cargo trainings are offered through the partner association SPEDLOGSWISS. Luftfracht Kompakt (Compact Air Freight) will consist of one full and 2 half days. It's conducted in German.

The course is aimed at all interested parties, such as shippers, importers or logistics service providers, whose daily tasks are in the air cargo sector. 



Info & Anmeldung: Luftfracht Kompakt @ SPEDLOGSWISS



Lufthansa - CEO's speech to the Annual General Meeting

On 5 May 2020, the Lufthansa Annual Shareholders General Meeting will be held. The speech of the Chairman and CEO Carsten Spohr's has been published in advance.

In order to mitigate the economic consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, the German Government passed a law which allows holding an Annual General Meeting without physical shareholder presence. Deutsche Lufthansa AG will make use of the new legislation and the 67th Annual General Meeting on Tuesday, 5 May 2020 at 10:00 hrs will be held for the first time exclusively virtually.





COVID19 - Cybercrime is on the rise


Reports of increased cybercrime in connection with the Coronavirus epidemic and the lockdown measures.

The webpage of IATA Cargo has been cloned and our association was the target of a phishing attempt last week. We received a fraudulent email requiring us to login on a fake webpage replicating the one of our hosting provider. Luckily, we realized something was wrong and did not fall in the trap.

These days people and organizations, normally involved in more traditional illegal activities, might engage in cybercrime due to the widely imposed restrictions of movement. Furthermore, the recent increased exposure of the air cargo industry in the media, might attract the undesired attention of cybercriminals.

We remind our members and all actors of the Air Cargo community to stay vigilant. Below are links to some useful resources:




Training Luftfracht Kompakt 2nd Edition

The Luftfracht Kompakt 2019 was a great success. 

IG Air Cargo Switzerland will offer a 2nd seminar edition starting in April 2020 again for the greater area Zurich. It is also planned to replicate it in the region of EAP-Basel-Mulhouse during the second half of 2020. The specialized Air Cargo trainings are offered trough the partner association SPEDLOGSWISS. Luftfracht Kompakt (Compact Airfreight) will consist of 4 half days and it is offered in German language. The course is suitable for all employees in the air freight of shippers, importers and logistics service providers.

Info & Anmeldung: Luftfracht Kompakt @ SPEDLOGSWISS


New IG Air Cargo President Switzerland

After 11 years of successful leadership of IGAirCargo Switzerland, Peter Somaglia has decided that time has come for a change and has placed the presidency in new hands. At this year's General Assembly, Gerry Zurmühle was elected as the new president and has also taken over the office management of IGAirCargo Switzerland as of November 1, 2021.

Gerry is a genuine air cargo guy from the ground up. After his apprenticeship at Zurich Airport, he joined Jacky Maeder where he worked for over 13 years in various positions in air freight and sales, including several years in New York. Among others, he was also responsible for their weekly full-freighter service to Far East. When Jacky Maeder was taken over from Panalpina, he joined Safcomar Overseas for whom he inaugurated the office at Zurich Airport and built up the air freight business.