Winter Event Section Zurich 2019

Thursday 14 Februar 2019

This year The traditional Winter event, for the first time, it took place in the tent located at the Sport Center Schluefweg in Kloten near the Airport.

After a lively Apéro with good opportunities to exchange information and to get to know new colleagues, Thomas Müller presented the plans and ideas of Zurich-Airport for the next 10 to 20 years. Surprising for most participants was the incredibly long time between start of planning and actual realization of such projects.

The restaurant prepared a nice decoration for the dinner and placed a new type of "table grill" on each of the tables. While tasting this new combination of fondue chinoise, raclette, grilled Cervelats, vegetables etc. time passed fast, and the heated tent finally closed its doors around 23:00 hrs. A memorable evening in a good atmosphere.