Swiss Shippers' Forum - Interlaken

Swiss Shippers' Forum - Interlaken

29 and 30 January 2020

The yearly forum of the Swiss Shippers' Council, our related association. The main topic of this year "Force Majeure" is about the risks of international trade. This subject will be explained by renowned experts and discussed in a panel. 

Other topics are: "Security in the supply chain", "Waiting times in container terminals", "Lack of chauffeurs in Switzerland and Europe", “New Silk Road - Risk for the West", "Document digitization - who bears the responsibility in the company?” 


For more information and registration please contact directly the SSC. 



Philipp Muster, Direktor

Swiss Shippers' Council, Lausanne

T +41 21 323 31 46

Büro Basel +41 61 753 83 59